Gluten Cutter: Yay or Nay?


Gluten CutterI want to talk a little bit about this product called Gluten Cutter. While the premise is somewhat controversial, I want to elaborate on when it’s a good thing, and when it’s a bad thing. But first, a little bit of information about what it is NOT.

Gluten Cutter is not a miracle drug for Celiac Disease. Let me be VERY, VERY clear. Celiac Disease is an autoimmune process whereby consuming gluten destroys the villi lining the intestines. There is no cure, and there is no drug therapy. The ONLY treatment is eating a completely gluten free diet. Consuming this product will not prevent the damage from happening when gluten is consumed. 

Now let’s talk about 2 different ways this product can be used. For myself, I use this product when I’ve had an oops experience. I’m talking about the ones where I eat something from a restaurant and a few hours later realize my food was cross-contaminated. As the nausea hits, I usually take a single pill to try to ease the symptoms. My personal testimony of use is that it generally shortens the nausea and insomnia to a couple hours, reduces the diarrhea to nearly nonexistent, and avoids the headaches and brain fog. My results will not be the same as someone else. AGAIN, this will not undo any damage done by accidental consumption of gluten.

A secondary use that I have heard referenced, but not experimented with (because honestly gluten makes me feel so bad I have zero interest in eating it intentionally) is to take this (or similar gluten enzyme product) preemptively before ingesting gluten. I’m not entirely conformable suggesting this as a good course of action, but I have friends that take it before eating at a pot-luck, even with the intention of avoiding gluten foods. My personal opinion is that gluten should be avoided for those with non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) as well, because honestly it just makes you feel so bad! The truth is that medicine hasn’t yet determined why some people are sensitive to gluten without testing positive for Celiac disease, and the damage done to these individuals cannot be determined. 

Please do not take this product with the intention of purposefully consuming gluten. In other words, don’t take it thinking that you can eat those donut holes with no consequence! 

Now for a couple notes on the ingredients. One of the ingredients is peppermint. It’s known to reduce nausea and I always request my doula have it on hand when in labor in case I feel like I’m going to vomit! Kicks that urge right to the curb! However, peppermint is contraindicated in certain populations, such as lactating mothers, pregnant women, individuals with asthma, children under age 6, and more. For more information about the use and safety of peppermint (contained in Gluten Cutter) please see the NAHA statement on peppermint use. 

Gluten Cutter can be found at local drugstores and on Amazon. Click here to get a coupon for $3 off 1 package of Gluten Cutter.

Managing your health is important and avoiding gluten for those with Celiac Disease and NCGS is extremely important. Once again I want to state that I do not endorse this product for irresponsible, intentional consumption of gluten. But if you start feeling crummy after that supposedly gluten free pizza, this might be worth a try to shorten the duration of symptoms. 

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Please comment if you try this product and let me know your results!