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cabbage leek soup

Cabbage Leek Soup

I remember walking into my house as a teenager (who knew everything of course) and wondering what that horribly awful smell was. Turns out my mom was on the cabbage soup diet. I obviously wouldn’t recommend this for so many reasons, although I think she did lose quite a bit of weight during that experience. …

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GBOMB salad

Super BOMB Salad

I’m not what I would call a fad dieter. I do, however, have quite an interest in nutrition. Last year I jumped on the documentary train with everyone else and became interested in a plant based diet. I discovered that the vegans were intense, the plant based people hated oil and all fats, and that …

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IP Potato Soup

Potato Salad Soup

Do you ever look at the clock and suddenly realize its 5 o’clock and you haven’t given dinner a single thought? Yeah, me either *cough, cough*. To be fair, I love using my crock pot so much that I’m usually loaded and ready to go in the morning. But sometimes I get busy, or lose …

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