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Have you just been diagnosed with Celiac Disease

or Nonceliac Gluten Sensitivity?

free meal plan

Have you been told you need to stop eaten gluten and you feel 


I have been there! When I initially found out I had a wheat allergy I refused to stop eating it because all my favorite foods contained wheat! Donuts, pasta, cakes and cookies. What would I eat? How would I survive? All those foods make up my memories of holidays, friend gatherings, and social dinners. It changes everything about how you approach food. 

Also…do we even need to talk about the word FOREVER???? It’s just so long. It’s one thing to consider a diet change for a set amount of time, but when you start thinking about never, ever again eating gluten, it starts to feel like some horrible punishment. Rather than a punishment, view it as a way to take back your health! Stop feeling crummy and eat foods that nourish your body and don’t steal nutrients. 

Still feel overwhelmed?

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back! You’ve got so many things to think about now! Don’t let what you’re going to eat be one of them.

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Take all the thinking and guess work out of your first week of eating gluten free. I’ve complied a variety of foods to get you started! You’ll eat grains, dairy, meats, fruits and vegetables, and enjoy a (mostly) healthy week of food! You don’t have to be in the kitchen for every meal either! And you’ll even find some store-bought options included! Let this free meal plan do the work for you!

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